A Grandmother’s Love


Unexpectedly I stayed for about two weeks every day at the pediatric department of the Saint Elisabeth Hospital.

Naut, my grandchild, was ill for a while. My son called us in the Netherlands, where we live, and asked if we would be able to come when they admitted him for the second time. Three days later, we were at the side of Naut’s crib. He was lying in a bed with an IV in his arm.

For two whole weeks we travelled every day to Naut. Dad and mom alternating at nights, grandpa in the mornings and grandma in the afternoon. We were notified that we were able to make use of the Ronald McDonald Family Room, which was a very peaceful and tranquil room surrounded with toys for kids of all ages, TVs, computers and books. Volunteers were present for any need and offered us coffee or water – all of which was a welcome distraction.

There is also availability for parents to stay overnight in their rooms. We got a key to a room, called “Lady bug.”

Of course there are moments where you, as grandma, will not move from the child’s bed, sitting next to the crib, you cannot leave. Even then the volunteers will pass by and offer you a cup of coffee. That extra attention at that moment meant a lot!

In short, when a child is admitted in the hospital it is of course a stressful time. Because of the facilities and dedication of personnel and the volunteers of the RMHC , our stay was much more pleasurable and bearable.