Family-Centered Care (FCC) Workshop Series at the Curacao Medical Center


Family-Centered Care is a pivotal healthcare approach, recognizing its profound impact on young patients’ well-being. It goes beyond conventional pediatric care, considering patients and families within the broader community.

Caring for a seriously ill child can be emotionally taxing when done alone. RMHC Curacao partners with Curacao Medical Center for annual Family-Centered Care Conferences, advocating for pediatric patients and families’ central role in healthcare.

This year, RMHC Curacao introduced Conversation Circles at the Curaçao Medical Center, fostering heartfelt dialogues on Family-Centered Care, concluding with a workshop on October 28, 2023.

The Conversation Circles offered a valuable platform for colleagues from Pediatrics and Obstetrics to discuss personal experiences, insights, and innovative ideas about Family-Centered Care, sharing touching stories and challenges.

A key insight from the Conversation Circles was the importance of self-nurturing for healthcare professionals to maintain resilience and compassion in providing exceptional family-centered care.

The workshop’s grand finale on October 28th featured an update and preliminary results from a research project on family well-being and support needs, conducted in partnership with the Curacao Medical Center and RMHC Research Center at the University of San Francisco.

The workshop included an enlightening session by George Damhuis, a Nurse Specialist from Erasmus MC Sophia Kinderziekenhuis, emphasizing involving fathers and extended family in caring for sick children and providing practical tools for immediate use.

The day concluded with a session by Yithza Davelaar, a Grief Recovery specialist, offering a ten-step technique for forgiveness. Ronald McDonald House Charities pioneers support for families and fosters dialogue within the medical community to enhance care quality.

We expect that the insights from the 5th Family-Centered Care workshops will catalyze ongoing growth and improvement of FCC practices at the Curacao Medical Center.

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