From Sint Eustatius to Curaçao…. A trip with many tears, but also a huge ray of sunshine.


Nilca Harrigan and her son Jay had a life-altering experience in 2022 when Jay was involved in a car accident resulting in the loss of his leg. Originally from Sint Eustatius, they were flown to Curaçao for Jay’s treatment at the Curaçao Medical Center and later at SGR Group for rehabilitation. The emotional and intense seven-month stay in Curaçao was marked with tears and struggles, but also with a glimmer of hope.

“At the beginning, I could not stop crying, I was not in state to express my feelings. The team of RMHC was always supportive and pending of me. They also made everything posible for Jay to have a great stay besides of the circumstances. Jay could not walk and he could not leave his bed, but they allowed him to be present in the game room in his bed! This is something I will never forget!”

For Nilca, these 7 months have been a rollercoaster ride. When they came into the hospital, she felt alone and depressed. Over time, Nilca found comfort and solace in the care and attention provided by the RMHC team and the nurses of the hospital, who made her feel like she was not alone.

“I was not alone. I had people around me, taking care of us. I am so grateful for this kind treatment we have been receiving these past months. It feels so bittersweet leaving Curaçao and all these wonderful people behind. We are so blessed!”

Jay’s resilience was remarkable as he refused to let the accident define his life. He explored downtown and went for a swim during his last weeks on the island. He maintained a positive outlook on life, refusing to use the word “disability” in his vocabulary. “My son is strong. I admire him so much. He keeps enjoying life. Soon we will go back to Sint Eustatius, but honestly, I will leave a part of my heart here. I am grateful and blessed to have met these wonderful people of RMHC that provided us comfort, care and kindness when it mattered most.”