“I am very thankful for this beautiful and wonderful organization!”- Marlies Gouberville


Year 2017 started with an unexpected twist for Marlies and her family. One little bubble took this family to several examinations, which turned their lives upside down. In a matter of hours, the couple needed to pack their bags and leave to the Netherlands so their son Raeven could receive the necessary treatment. 

“Immediately after receiving the results, we left everything behind and left to the Netherlands. I am forever thankful to the team of the Ronald McDonald House who arranged everything for us to perfection. They were my support system when staying in the Netherlands as well. We stayed there for 11 months and we also received a wonderful treatment of the Ronald McDonald House at the hospital in Utrecht. It was a tough period, but we grew together as a family and I am so thankful that the staff of the Ronald McDonald House was so comprehensive and made our stay easier. There was one detail that impressed me so much that I would love to see it on our island too. In the Netherlands all kids that are undergoing therapy against cancer, receive the so-called ‘Kanjerketting’ (a chain for a champ). Each bead on the chain represents a specific treatment, examination or event. The beads become a bright spot during the heavy treatment. Even though we are back on the island and Raeven is doing well, he still needs to have medical examinations. Every time we are at the hospital, we visit the Ronald McDonald House to catch up. I am very thankful for this beautiful and wonderful organization!”

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