Our Daughter Was Only 5 Days Old When We Got in Touch With RMHC


In September 2017 at just 5 days old, our daughter had to receive treatment in the NICU for almost 2 weeks. We were able to use the facilities of the RMHC for the duration of her stay and that was a positive experience being in such a strenuous situation. We opted out of staying overnight, but I did use the bedroom during the day. It was always very neat and clean and the bed linen and towels were replaced daily.

For me it was a little retreat where I could pump milk and rest a little. We also used the kitchen facilities and the free daily breakfast. Every day we would arrive relatively early to the hospital and at times we didn’t even think about having breakfast first. The fact that breakfast is served was very nice.

The overall experience was good and the doctors, nurses and volunteers were really helpful. The RMHC gave us a sense of ease so that we could focus on the care of our daughter during the day.

The whole medical team is not only very professional and qualified in their work, but they are also caring. They would call us every night to update us on the care of our daughter and also to ask us how our day went.

This foundation is a vital part of the Pediatrics Department within the Hospital. More awareness should be created to help them to grow and especially to inform the community what they do, who they help and how this could have a positive impact on a family that is going through a hard time.