The first time we came in contact with the Family Room at RMHC Curaçao, was when our son suddenly fell ill in 2016. We stayed in the RMHC for a couple of weeks, before heading to The Netherlands.

Due to his complicated state of health he could no longer receive treatment in Curaçao. We found ourselves having to go to Holland to seek more specialized treatment for him.

We were suddenly in a very different environment with a fragile child and we didn’t speak the language or know the culture. It was really tough adjusting to all these sudden changes, but the one experience that made this transition smooth and comfortable was the fact that we stayed in the RMHC in Utrecht.

The experience of residing in the house was something unexplainable. If we all had the knowledge of the positive impact RMHC’s around the world have, we would not think twice to be a donor for this foundation. The volunteers make you feel right at home, they were like family to us and they did their utmost to facilitate our lives so that in turn we could focus on the well being of our child without having to have that constant burden of other daily worries.

Their support was so truly valuable to us.