RMHC EVENTS funds family care

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Most non-profit organizations are dependent on the support of funding provided by individuals.
Through achieving the necessary funds by organizing events, RMHC is able to remain self-sustainable. The pandemic has shifted the system that was set-up priorly, but the creative drive of the RMHC team has guided them towards innovative ways to continue its efforts to gain funds with the purpose of offering the services of the Ronald McDonald House. Claudia Rigaud, Executive Director of RMHC, explains their mindset: “Opportunities are all around, you have to be open to these and grab them as they come. But there is nothing more important than sharing the work Ronald McDonald House does and what is provides to families of children receiving medical care”.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities Curaçao Foundation (RMHC) efforts are all aimed at directly improving the health and wellbeing of children receiving medical care or support at the hospital and their families. It does so through various programs, among others by providing the Ronald McDonald Family Room. In order to keep providing the families with this much needed facility where they can be surrounded by family and volunteers that support and help them in their turbulent times, each and every day again, Ronald McDonald House Charities Curaçao Foundation organizes events to achieve the necessary funds.

RMHC works in a very structured way, including when it comes to targeting potential sponsors and donors. Different strokes for different folks means they are able to compartmentalize events that are suitable and enjoyable for a variety of organizations and individuals. With the pandemic and the restrictions that followed, events could no longer take place as planned, leaving the RMHC team stuck wondering what now? “We were in the middle of organizing an grand event, our annual battle of the Brains quiz which was sold out. We had to cancel this”, Claudia explains. But they didn’t remain stuck for long. “Quite quickly we came up with the idea to produce special edition RMHC mouth masks, which turned out to be a great success. We started selling them through the supermarket and from home and were able to collect thousands of guilders selling these”, a relieved Claudia explains. Another project was selling cookies shaped like a hand, with the message “Give us a hand”. With great effort RMHC was able to generate more funds, by selling each cookie for 1 guilder. However, it does not reach the amounts that RMHC would normally be able to generate, in order to provide for the family’s needs, be it at the hospital or as a form of support when a child needs to go abroad for a for medical care.

How does RMHC plan to continue to offer its care and services in the midst of a pandemic, while companies, organizations and individuals have been hit and are dealing with their own struggles? According to Claudia, the key lies in continuously sharing what the organization’s purpose is and showcasing what it does on a daily basis through its efforts, financial support to families needing to go abroad and its caring volunteers that not only support with a listening ear, but take a load of the families by cleaning the living and sleeping quarters and providing something to eat and drink, like a family member keeping an eye on you to make sure you’re taken care of. “Of course we are stretching every guilder we receive and try to diversify our sources of income. We are also working on our website, our online presence and are keeping up much more with the technological advances. It’s something we weren’t used to. But naturally we hope that when we are allowed to hold events again, our events will be back with a vengeance”, Claudia concludes with an uplifting smile.