Rolando Galarraga: “To me, RMHC means waking up every day knowing we are making a difference.”


In 2019 Rolando Galarraga has been appointed President of the RMHC Curaçao Foundation. In 2009 he started this interesting journey as a founding member and after 12 years this assignment still brings him fulfillment. The reason why he joined this beautiful cause is the need that families have to be together in difficult times. His team believes when families are together they cope better. No family should have to deal with their child’s medical crisis alone.

“Personally, I experienced how uncomfortable it was to be with your child at the hospital (SEHOS). My youngest daughter was extremely ill with asthma and had to be in the hospital for a few weeks. She was only 2 years old and did not want to be left alone. As a parent I did not want to leave my child’s side either. For children facing a serious medical crisis, nothing seems scarier than not having the family close by for love and support. My daughter only had an uncomfortable chair in her room and we were missing simple things like we used to have at home. I wanted to stay close to her, so it was impossible to sleep and eat well during those difficult times. Such a stressful period did not make it easier in her healing process. Proudly enough I can say that everything changed for the better when the RMHC team opened the Family Room at the SEHOS. My daughter has been hospitalized two more times and the experience for her and for our family was definitely superior. To me, RMHC means waking up every day knowing we are making a difference”.

The moments when the children smile while playing in the family room, when coffee is being served to the parents and when beautiful conversations are made with the family, become the most valuable and beautiful memories that need to be treasured forever.

As Member of RMHC Curaçao Rolando’s main goal is to have a successful and self-supporting organization that can grow and be instrumental in keeping families together during difficult times. Sick children feel better with their parents, brothers and sisters close by. If your whole world is turned upside down by illness or care, being together as a family is the most important thing.

RMHC Curaçao Foundation counts on the enthusiastic efforts of indispensable volunteers, committed organizations, sponsors, supporters and dynamic Board members that are looking at a bright future for the foundation. This team has one main objective: to positively impact the health and lives of sick children, their families and their communities.