She Is Known as the ‘Bouncing Ball’ at RMHC


Three months after the birth of Rashanti, she had to suddenly be rushed to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a serious heart condition that has brought me to the hospital on numerous occasions. No parent wants to hear that their child needs to be monitored for the rest of their life. It was a fact and there was no way around it for us. On my visits to the hospital I was introduced to RMHC’s Family Room and their wonderful team of volunteers. They really made it easier each time during our periodical visits to the Children’s Department. Both my daughter and I will remember these visits in the Ronald McDonald Family Room as a good experience. The trips to the hospital are not one of dread and sorrow, for Rashanti. The RMHC volunteers are very kind and we feel so at home there. My daughter has been nick named ‘Bouncing Ball’ because she plays in all corners of the playroom! She also loves doing crafting projects with the volunteers while I have a chance to relax a bit in the family room area. They all do a wonderful job and as a mother I am very grateful for the support given!

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