Shudean Fraai…. the shining example of hope and resilience.


In December, the Fraai family embarked on a holiday trip to Curaçao to spend time with loved ones. Little did they know that their trip would take an unexpected turn when their almost one-year-old son Shudean fell seriously ill with the flu.

The situation was touch-and-go, and Shudean’s parents and siblings were deeply worried about his survival. They have had many sleepless nights, praying to God for a miracle.

The mother of Shudean, Anais Fraai says the following: “It has been a tough challenge for our family. My other kids needed to go back to the Netherlands to continue their studies, so my husband and I stayed on the island with our boy. We are so grateful and blessed to have received this invaluable support from the team of Ronald Mc Donald House. Even though it has been a stressful period, we are so happy and grateful for staying at the Ronald McDonald House. It gave us such a homey feeling! Besides that, we received emotional support from the team as well. This was priceless! Even though we are far from home, far from our two other kids, the RMHC team made us feel at home and at peace. We will value this forever!”

After nearly two months, Shudean has made an incredible recovery, defying the odds and giving his family a second chance to cherish their time together. Family Fraai also received crucial support from the sister-in-law in Curaçao and mother-in-law in the Netherlands. “We will always be grateful for their support during these difficult times. It is impossible not to mention the support we received from our church. Keep praying. Miracles happen every day, so never stop believing. God can change things very quickly in your life.”
Anais is so grateful for the work of the RMHC that she intends to pay it forward by joining the organization in the Netherlands once she returns home.
“God bless Ronald Mc Donald House Charities Curaçao. God bless the beautiful work they are doing. I am grateful and I will definitely give back to this wonderful cause.”

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