Taking care of the families for a little while


The objective of a Ronald McDonald Family Room is for it to be a place for families to recharge, grab a bite to eat, or get rest during the long days of testing or treatment. Lorain Sanchez, one of the vibrant energetic RMHC volunteers, adds on that it’s also: “A warm welcoming place where volunteers will care of you for a little while”.

After fulfilling her shift at work, Lorain rushes to her car. She loves what she’s going to do next, and gets excited with the thought of what she might bring to the table at her next stop. 15 Minutes later she arrives at the hospital, where she heads towards the Family Room of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Curaçao, ready for her next shift, this time as a volunteer of RMHC. As she enters the Family Room, she immediately checks what needs to be done and how she can assist. “I actually love that I combine volunteering at RMHC with my daily job. I love the variety it brings, but in addition to that, I just really love being there for people.”

Lorain Sanchez has been combining her work with volunteering at the RMHC for the past 9 years. Since 2012 she’s been a constant face for the visiting families and for her fellow volunteers. It all started when she volunteered at the Amstel Race many years back and was introduced to, among others, Lorrie van Ooijen. Lorrie used to be the president of the RMHC Board of Directors, and mainly stood out to Lorain for her kindheartedness and passion for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. She immediately became a volunteer at the RMHC, which at that time was situated at the SEHOS. With her vibrant personality she fills the room up with positive energy. RMHC can call her any time to volunteer, even with requests to work during holidays, as she sees this as moments that volunteering is even more necessary for children and their parents that find themselves in the hospital for instance on Christmas day.

The temporary restrictions due to the pandemic have therefor been quite tough for the volunteers, Lorain explains: “During the height of the pandemic I couldn’t help but worry about the families. We were so used to being able to welcome them and making them feel at ease, listen to them and sometimes cry together. It’s so important that these parents and children feel at home, as much as that is possible”. Meanwhile the restrictions have been altered and the hospital ensured that the RMHC volunteers were also able to undergo the procedures of getting a vaccine. Slowly but surely the volunteers are able to offer their heartfelt services, bringing comfort to the families that visit the facility. “Volunteering here has truly become an important part of me. During their time of distress, families need to be able to come here to a warm welcoming place where volunteers will care for them for a little while”.

Each volunteer at Ronald Mc Donald House Charities Curaçao Foundation, in their own special way, offers support to families of children staying at the hospital for medical care. Their helping hands, listening ears and pro-active support are a source of comfort and ease for the families going through a difficult period of time while their child is receiving medical care at or through Curaçao Medical Center. Our volunteers freely offer their time and energy for which the RMHC is eternally grateful. More volunteers are needed to welcome and care for the families. Become a volunteer. Click here to register. Thank you!

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