The Option of Staying Overnight at the Hospital Near My Children Was Ideal


Both of my sons, Saeed and Raheem, on separate occasions, had to stay in the hospital for a short period of time.

On the very first day when I came in with Saeed, I was approached by a volunteer of the RMHC who introduced me to their facilities such as the kitchen area where I can enjoy a free breakfast and prepare my own meals, a fridge where I can store my food supplies, the possibility of having them wash my child’s clothing in their laundry room and also the option of me staying overnight at the hospital. This was ideal! For both Saeed and Raheem’s treatment at the hospital, the RMHC was our home.

Being in this stressful situation, the RMHC team made me feel at ease being able to stay so close to my boys. The family room and the playroom were a good retreat for when family members came to visit them. It doesn’t feel like you are in a hospital at all. In the playroom we would play together along with the volunteers or family members. We would watch TV, read books, play with toys and on some days the volunteers would host a craft workshop. My boys were delighted with the play area and that made me feel good and relaxed.

The staff and volunteers are all very kind people and ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Saeed even developed a special bond with one of the staff members who he now calls ‘Aunt Geraldine’.
This foundation runs on pure love to help keep families united during challenging times. We are very grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

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