They Make Miracles Happen When the Situation Calls For Some Extra Hope


The first time we came into contact with RMHC was back in 2015 when our son, Odin, had to undergo surgery right after he just turned 1. Because he was still so little, one of us would have to stay with him. To be near him, I slept on the adjustable seat that was in his room.

Early the next morning I got up and refreshed myself with a wash cloth and started preparing for Odin’s operation. After they took him to the OR my husband came to me along with a very friendly lady. She greeted me and asked me if I had already checked in. I didn’t quite understand what she meant, until she introduced me to the RMHC and how they operate. At this point she was like an angel that fell from the heavens.

We received, what we felt was, a warm welcome to the RMHC family and right then and there a unity between strangers blossomed.

Although they did offer me a neat room to stay in, I chose to sleep next to my son after his surgery. However I did use the other facilities. The early shower in the morning and the breakfast that was served everyday alongside a hot cup of coffee, never felt so good! The fact that I could relax in the family room and have conversations with both the Saint Elisabeth Hospital staff and the RMHC volunteers made my stay very pleasant. They make a really great team and they make miracles happen when the situation can use some extra hope. The nurses not only take care of your child, but they kind of take care of you, the parent, as well by guiding you through the process and by answering all the questions you may have.

On the outside this hospital may not seem in the best shape, but what brews inside is what matters. How the Pediatrics Department operates, is of tremendous impact.

A year later Odin returned for cosmetic surgery and with a relaxed mind and heart, we stayed at the RMHC.

As a family we are always ready to help with anything that has to do with the RMHC, because they were always there for us when we needed them.

With a smile on my face I look back at the moment where Odin would go on adventures in their playroom riding the toy car up and down and where you as a parent can unwind while your child plays in a safe environment. I also look back at one particular RMHC staff, Geraldine, whom I often had fun and light conversations with and that took my mind away from the constant worries I had in regards to Odin’s surgery.

We are forever grateful and we hope to see and be part of the growth of this foundation.

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