Medical Treatment Abroad Program

Offering financial support to families of children that need special medical care

Accommodating, guiding and helping children with an illness can take an emotional toll on a family, even more so when the treatment needs to be performed abroad. The financial strain that comes along with this makes it almost impossible to bear for some families.

As of 2017  we have a partnership with KLM that helps us reach even more families thru this program. 18 Families of sick children from Curacao that had to travel to Holland for emergency specialized treatment have already benefited from this joined effort with KLM.

For childhood oncology cases the Ronald McDonald House Charities Curaçao Foundation works in alliance with the childhood cancer committee of the Princes Wilhelmina Fund, to help cover costs of parents or caregivers that have to travel alongside their child to get specialized treatment abroad. There is a great need for helping parents of these children financially during this strenuous period.

With the medical treatment abroad program the RMHC chapter in Curaçao has been able to help 45 children and families over the past 8,5 years.